Male forest druid


Small Critter Form
Encounter Utility
You Transform into a small creature for a short time
Gain +2 FORT or +2 REF (depending on critter choice)
+5 to Stealth checks
Until the end of your next turn.


Sa’ab came from the Forest people, a loose knit culture of tree-huggers who see themselves as part of their world, not masters of it. They have developed an extensive knowledge of curative plants and use them in their nomadic lifestyle. Some people from other cultures think they use their potions as a form of magic. As hunters and gatherers, their menfolk have become expert users of the bow and arrow. Their deity is Balinor, Lord of Beasts and The Circle of Life.

Their culture includes a yearly gathering of feasting, competitions and settling of disputes between individuals and clans. During one such gathering, Sa’ab was wrongfully accused and found guilty of breaking their code of honor and so was exiled from his people. Even his family of origin turned against him (lest they be ostracized, too), and he was just reaching the age of wanting to find a woman with whom he could start his own family as part of his clan, but his exile ended all hopes of this. To keep from facing his grief and anger (expressed anger would be a true breaking of his people’s code of honor), Sa’ab has turned to adventure with a certain amount of fatalism mixed in. He still prefers peace over confrontation, but is very loyal; he will fight to protect a friend if he feels a friend is threatened.

Sa’ab is a partial changeling, as are most Forest people. The partial comes from his only being able to change into a four-limbed animal similar in size to humans (e.g., panther, ape, buck) that is also male. On occasion, though, he can shift to a smaller animal but finds it difficult to maintain this shape for long.


The Secrect Legacy of the Magani Saab